What is an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

You have probably known someone who has had one or more teeth pulled before, or you might have even been through the procedure before yourself. It is definitely not something one looks forward to with any feeling of happiness or excitement, but you do usually know that it is at least necessary for your continued good dental health.

Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth needs to come out right now, and there might not be time for planning ahead. This is called an emergency tooth extraction, and it is often the only good course of action.

Why Might a Tooth Need to Be Pulled in a Hurry?

There are some problems that need to be addressed immediately before something bad happens. When it comes to these scenarios, there is never any time to plan ahead, because the outcome of the issue depends on the timing. In this case, the health of your mouth could be compromised by a bad tooth that needs to come out as soon as possible if you wait around and do nothing.

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One very common example is when a tooth in your mouth has an infection and has begun to decay. While the dentist probably knows there is no saving the tooth, he or she might want to take the tooth out as soon as possible so that the infection doesn’t spread itself to other healthy teeth around the problematic one. This is often why an emergency tooth extraction is so important, because it could end up costing you more teeth if you waste time in trying to get it taken care of.

Luckily, when working with a great emergency tooth extraction north charleston professional, it becomes a lot easier to deal with. Your dentist should be able to figure out a course of action to deal with the issue, and then work quickly to get the offending tooth out. Hopefully, all of the issues were caught on time, and your mouth will continue to be in good health.